Friday, July 23, 2010

10,000 People Can't Be Wrong

I would like to thank all the kindle users who have downloaded my fiction short story Escaping The Rain to their kindle. If I could, I would send all 10,000+ of you personal thank you messages.

I never dreamed I would experience success of this magnitude with writing. I was always praised on my writing ability from as early as I can remember via teachers. However, I believe it is my snappy writing style and word of mouth from social websites such as twitter, and facebook which has help drive sales.

I make people laugh. My character Nick Aldo is an extension of my character. He has dry humor, that will leave you no choice but to wet your pants. He won't pick up the dry cleaning bill though. In fact he suggests that you read this story only while on the toilet, or better yet, in a public swimming pool. Everyone pees there.

For the time being you can check out the Nick Aldo Mystery - Escaping The Rain for only 99 cents. Why so cheap you might want to know? Oh you don't. Ok Cool. Oh you changed your mind?

The answer is simple. Like Bums and Obama I believe in Change.

Ok Funny Guy, I've heard enough take me to your book CLICK HERE

Sincerely, <--- I hate this ending, I'm not really sincere cause I don't know you.

Thanks, <--- No, not this one either, what am I thanking you for? If you bought the book than yes, I could see it, but what about those that don't? I sure don't want to thank them.

Hakuna Matata, <--- It means no Worries!

Jeremy Drummond


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